Combining craft and convenience, Pagrillas London brings you the tools for a traditional Argentine Asado, designed for modern ease.

Bring the Argentinian Steakhouse Home

More than a simple barbecue

A ritual, a way of living – the asado is a quintessential Argentine tradition.

In Argentina, the weekly asado is an activity that every family member can gather around and where they can feel joy with full tummies. The person in charge of the grilling is called the ‘asador,’ a prestigious title.

Mastering the asado takes practice and skill, but having the right tools is equally important. Pagrillas London creates these handcrafted tools to form the foundation of your new family hobby.

Bespoke Grills and BBQ Accessories

What makes the asado grill special?

Making meat taste like it does at an Argentinian steakhouse is a lesson in going back to basics. No gas fire or electric barbecue in sight – just a grill and the power of the flame.

You can use either wood or coal for that signature smoky essence. It requires working with the embers to create the right balance of heat to beautifully char the meat.

When done right, the meat develops an earthy grilled char on the outside while remaining soft, juicy, and tender on the inside. So simple… but an explosion of flavour!

This traditional form of grilling savours the slow cook. It gives each cut of meat the time it needs and the people at the barbecue the time to connect.

Make Your Neighbours Jealous

Our Products

All Pagrillas London products are made with love for the art of asado and family. Handcrafted by a modern-day blacksmith, these are one-of-a-kind grilling tools.


The basic element of any Argentine grill. In Argentina, the grill sheet can take on many different shapes and forms, like round bars or V-shaped ones. Pagrillas London has translated this into a design that is perfect for British homes. Need a specific size? No problem. All our grills are made to order to your specifications.

Price: from ₤250 + delivery


The asado involves grilling over embers from wood or coal, so you need a basket to the side of the grill if you’re using wood. Our wood baskets are made to fit each specific grill and to your particular wishes. We are happy to advise you on the best design.

Price: from ₤250 + delivery


Grill chicken the Argentinian way with a chicken basket hanging on a tripod. The unique globe-like cage is the perfect way to get your chicken crispy on the outside and tender on the inside.

Our sets come complete with a tripod to hang the chicken baskets on, in a suitable size for your grill. No extra accessories needed to secure the chicken.

Price: ₤230 + delivery


As a small family-run business, each individual order receives personal attention. Feel free to contact us for any specific accessories that you might need to complete your Argentine barbecue grilling experience at home.

Price: On request