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Hi! We are Sebastian and María, the couple behind this business. We live in Kingston-Upon-Thames, London, and we started this business in early 2020 as a way to generate some extra income when the pandemic hit the UK. Our first baby was born two weeks before lockdown, so we were on a mission to ensure financial stability for our little family.

We love our bicultural household, where the Argentine (María) and British (Sebastian) cultures come together and celebrate each other. We have spent several summers and autumns cooking Argentine-style barbecues in our garden while listening to some good British music and having a nice cuppa afterwards. We built our own brick barbecue and were psyched with it, but finding a suitable steel grill for it was a completely different story.

As it turns out, the steel grill models available in the market are too intricate, complex, and expensive. We couldn’t find a simple grill to place on top of our barbecue structure, so we commissioned it to a friend of ours who is a blacksmith and the result was absolutely stunning. It was at this point that we realised there was a gap in the market for these affordable, simple Argentine grills, and we decided to make a business out of them.

That’s how Pagrillas was born. It started out with a few sporadic commissions here and there, but the orders started to pile up thanks to word of mouth. We also began receiving queries about other products such as fire baskets and hanging chicken baskets, which we were happy to accommodate. Every order we accept is completed to the highest standard and a lot of love goes into each of them. We take this business as an opportunity to make others love the Argentine cuisine as much as we do and bring joy to every household with a Pagrillas product.

Thanks for stopping by and we hope to serve you soon!

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